All by myself, tra lalala

I thought I’d do a quick post while I wait for my big sis and her crew to arrive, beds are made, kettle is on, all I need now is them. To tell you the truth I can’t wait to have some adult conversation, I love spending time with boo boo (LPV) but this week has been tough at times. My husband has been away this week for work (but at the lowest points this week when I was having a rant to myself, he was off on a jolly enjoying sleeping the whole night). I really do admire Mammies who do it alone either most of the time or full time. My friends, Vanesa, Joanna and Kirstie how do you do it? you are all super Mammies in my book. The days made no difference as I’m home alone with LPV on a normal day we’ve had some great chats th,o babababab and I completely agree with him, however it was the nights that I found hard, having no one to bounce idea’s off and just for boring old chit chat. On the plus side I’ve had sole possesion of the remote control, plenty of trashy TV has been consumed, Bridalplasty, jerseylicious and 2 seasons of One Tree Hill (Sad but I really don’t care)

I can’t wait to have daddy home tomorrow, it’s going to be a great week spending time with our family, starting off with some quality time with my big sis at the Westlife gig tomorrow. Thank you for a fabulous mothers day gift LPV, I love you.

Night night

Expat Mammy.xx

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