Safe sleeping

The weather in Dubai seems to be so unpredictable at the moment, last night we had severe thunder storms and fork lightening, it was actually pretty awesome to watch from our balcony. The horrid humid weather at night and during day i,s for me a real problem as to what to put LPV in at night so he is safe, snuge and not sweaty.

All the baby shops here in Dubai stock sleeping bags but it’s hard to find one with a suitable tog for sleeping here in Dubai, also they cost and arm and a leg too.  Alas Babysouk is here to save the day, on their site they have really cute sleeping bags that are made from muslin so they are perfect for hot air conditioned climates. The best part, they’ll deliver to your door!! (which my husband hates;-) Now I can sleep soundly knowing LPV is snug as a wee bug

Check them out for yourselves!!

Expat Mammy.xx


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