Bathtime blues

So lately LPV hasn’t enjoyed bathtime at all, clinging to us when we put him in. It was heartbreaking to watch, I racked my brain as to what on earth was causing this. Was the water to hot? (I have about 3 different bath thermometers, all read normal) was it the change in baby wash? LPV has had eczema and although its way better now it still really sensitive. We’ve always used Mustela products but as we ran out I thought I’d try the mountain of Johnson & Johnson’s that we were given when LPV was born. Although it did effect his skin It wasn’t the reason for the traumatic bathtime!

Today was no exception and I had screaming again, I decided to grasp at straws and try one more thing. I took him out of the seat of his aqua pod and just sat him on the mat. Eureka!!!! Problem solved, he hated the seat. It was a great purchase when he was bored with lying down and wanted to sit more but now he a big boy and is ready to sit on his own. A great bathtime tonight, who would have thought something so simple, I feel a complete eejit for not thinking of it sooner. I was absolutely drenched from being splashed within an inch of my life. Just nice to see my wee boy happy in the tub!!!!

Expat Mammy.x


One thought on “Bathtime blues

  1. Nikki cooper says:

    Good to hear, bathtimes are always such a lovely part of the day in our house. If daddy is home in time then that’s his treat but Adam has way more fun with him anyway. We had the same problem so we had Adam out of his seat almost as soon as he could sit up.
    At the weekends when we have more time we take it in turns to get in with him which he also loves.
    Happy splashing LPV xx

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