Off the radar

Hi all, we’ve been a bit off the radar of late, LPV has been quite sick with a fever and teething! Poor wee lamb I hate it when he’s ill as there is nothing I can do but be on hand with the hugs and calpol. I did at one point get quite worried when he developed a shrill cry with a fever, I promptly marched him down to the Dr who assured me it was just a virus and not anyhting thing nasty, you always worry about meningitis!!

We then had  a week or so off all being well, LPV starting clapping his hands saying Ta and da, which he says ALL the time, poor mammies we don’t get a look in for ages!! He’s also mobile (when we can be bothered) by comando rolling side to side to get what he wants.

On top of all this we’ve had broken blenders and computers but from here I hope it’s onwards and upwards.

So how have you been?

Expat Mammy

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