Casa de Vaughan

It seems to be visitor season in Dubai I don’t think a week has gone by since January that one or the other Mafia member has had a visitor. Last week we played host to Aunty Helga Woo and Aunty La Bouve (it’s probably best if you don’t ask) for their annual pilgrimage to Dubai.

This trip has been very different for them I imagine! However they got to see LPV and his superb swimming (and dunking)!!  Mamma got a night out!! Mental note to self, Free Cosomopolitans = Non functioning Mammy still  A good time was had by all.

My favourite place to take visitors, is my favourite place in Dubai ”The Irish Village’ Not fancy I know and there are probably way more posh places here to show off Dubai. However I like a place you can relax in and be yourself, Dubai is a fabulous place but I find some places can be pretentious! The Irish Village is fab for this time of year as you can sit outside and it’s a family friendly place! Live music most nights, Magners and bailey’s cheesecake what more could a girl ask for. My visits now don’t tend to include live music or Magners but I’m happy anyway. If you bring your children then its lights out for you by 8pm, which I think is quite a reasonable time. They regularly have family events and gigs which are always a good craic!!

Check out the Big weekend May 12th & 13th

Expat Mammy!

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