Mums the word!!

The day of June 24th 2010 changed my life forever, I never thought It was possible to look at something so tiny and have so much love for it, to have an overwhelming urge to protect from all the bad things in life!!

Hands up if you have an awesome Mammy!!! My Mam is amazing “fastest hooverer in the south west” there’s nothing she won’t do for her family and if I’m half the Mam to LPV that she is to me LPV will be a very lucky boy!!

I’ve never understood the concept or point of  Mothers day until I became a mother myself, I used to think Yeah she works hard, yeah my Ironing’s done but I pay my rent!! (this will make my parent’s laugh out loud as they’re probably still waiting for most of my rent!!!) What about kids day!! There should be a kids day!! Let me tell you EVERYDAY is KIDS DAY. I don’t think you ever really appreciate the extent of what your Mammy does for you until you move out or worse move so far away that you can’t hug her when you want!!

Whether you have already celebrated Mothers day on March 21st, or your celebrating tomorrow on April 3rd or May 8th. To all the Yummy Mammie’s out there both old and new, Happy Mothers Day have an amazing day. I hope you get spoilt rotten, cos you deserve it!!!

This is me and my big sis with our Mammy!! Ahhh

Expat mammy.xx

4 thoughts on “Mums the word!!

  1. lynn obrien says:

    Thankyou very much trace but i do have to say you never did pay us any rent . As a mammy i have enjoyed every minute of every day with my two georgeous daughters and would do the same all over again Ijust hope you enjoy and treasure all the ups and downs (and their will be lots of those ) with your son xxxxx

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