Little stinker!!

Today we had to take LPV for his 9 month immunisation, hat’s off to my husband who hasn’t missed one yet!! He’s great as I’m useless and fall too pieces if he cries, especially now he’s cries Mam, ma, ma when he’s upset!!

We picked up Daddy up from work and off to the clinic we went, LPV is teething like there’s no tomorrow and we have the beginnings of tooth number two on its way, of course with this comes the horrid symptoms , dribbles, sore wee tooshy and yucky bum!! LPV has a thing about pooping in the Dr’s and has often destroyed the cleaners freshly mopped floor, today was no exception.

Daddy changed him and we carried on as normal, Scout had come with us and was singing away, the next thing we seen the poor cleaner (who LPV obviously has it in for) walk into the bathroom and walk straight back out again with a face like she was chewing a wasp, She began spraying stuff and warning people not to in!!

What a proud moment that was, our wee man had stunk out the Dr’s bathroom, with most of the waiting room smirking and Me and Daddy laughing LPV stood tall smiling away!! For his12 month jabs I think I’m going to teach him to whistle and give him a newspaper!!

Night all

Expat mammy.xx

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