A Mammies best friend!!

At last the baby weight is banished once and for all, especially after the dreaded festive season, it’s true what they say, 9 months on & 9 months off!! Yes I know I have previously said I didn’t gain that much but I LOVE chocolate and as I don’t smoke, rarely drink and rarely go out I must have some vices in life! Although at the moment I’ve given up my one vice for lent and to be honest it’s killing me, I did wonder the other day if the big JC would see me if I were to sneak into the bathroom and eat a toblerone but my friend Monica assured me that he would!! Oh well 28 days to go!!

Anyhoo, I decided I would lose the weight the hard way by watching what I ate and exercise, every now and again I would announce that I was on Weight Watcher or Slimming World but that would usually last until we had a bad day and I ate my body weight in Macadamia nut cookies from Spinney’s! The one thing that really helped me was walking and walking in my Reebok Easytones, these runners are amazing and have really helped me lose the weight and tone up my leg of course they’re not miracle workers and yoga and swimming has helped also but walking once or twice a day has made huge difference.

I reckon all Mothers should get them in their bounty pack (I know I’m dreaming now as If your bounty pack was anything like the one I received at antenatal, you were the proud owner of one Pampers nappy and a travel pot of sudocream!!!)

Expat mammy.xx


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