Say cheese!!

Today we had our family portrait done by the most talented young photographer in Dubai!!! Donning our fanciest clothes we headed for Safa park to meet Sarah Louis Clemence of SarahC photography!!

I had met Sarah and her beautiful wee boy at Expat Woman Bumps & Babes group back last year where she did an amazing Christmas card photo shoot,  although now I think we’ve shot ourselves in the foot as a flimsey card with baubles on it will just not do this Christmas!! Sarah has traveled far & wide doing photography workshops. Her shots of the Christchurch quake, which she was unfortunately stuck in the middle of, capture the complete devastation that was caused. You can catch up with her on her blog

Anyhoo as I said we headed to Safa park, where Sarah got some great family and individual shot of us with the Burj Khalifa in the background and by the mini water feature (P.S. by the way, did anyone know there was a water feature in Safa park? I’ve been here 3 years and only just discovered it!!)

We then went onto Umm Sequim beach and had some sunset photo’s taken where LPV discovered the nutritional value of sand!!! Looking forward to those nappies tomorrow!!

I’m like a little kid on Christmas eve, I can’t go to bed just in case she posts a sneak preview on her blog.  I can’t wait to see the shots!!

Expat Mammy.xx

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