Today whilst getting LPV spruced up for the day, I noticed that his lower gum had cracked, I ran my finger across his gum and felt something sharp, it was a wee tooth poking through!! I immediately called to my hubby (who came running in like there was an emergency, his response “I can’t see it” (he later found and agreed I wasn’t going mad).  LPV beaming with smiles at all the cuddles, kisses and your such a good boy praise, didn’t have the slightest clue what he had done but he knew it was good!!

He then became clued up onto what we were looking and his mouth has been practically clamped such since, opening only for milk or food!!! It’s funny how wise they get to you, if he knows I have teething powder in my hand and Daddy is trying to make him laugh he’ll now laugh or smile with his mouth clamped shut. Clever wee chap!!

I know this tooth is only barely poking through but it feel like we have jumped a hurdle after what seems like an eternity of teething!! LPV seemed to start teething when he was about 3 months and although this “normal” (whatever that means in the life of baby) you do start to worry and can’t help but compare when every other Bubba has teeth apart from yours!! LPV and wee Maggie moo were the only two mafia bubs without nashers and it was a bit of stand in joke. It was when I met new Mammies I especially dreaded the question “how many teeth does he have, we have blah blah” (like there was some kind of club we were missing out on) my response “ummm none” how old is he? “almost 9 months” OH, well that’s ok they’ll come “yes I know (think they were more worried about it than I was )!!

Still I’m told the first one is worst, not sure how much I believe that with 19 more to go but I’ll keep you posted!!

Expat Mammy.xx


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