Musical fix for Mama!!

Wow!! two blogs in one day, wee man is asleep and I’m rather excited about what I’ve just seen, The sound of music is coming to Dubai. The hills will be alive with the sound of huffing husbands!!! being made to go with their wives no doubt!! I have about as much chance of getting my other half to go as I have looking like Jennifer Aniston in my bikini!!

Although musicals may not be everybody’s  cup of tea I’m hoping the Mafia can organise a trip to the theatre!! It’s the perfect night out as you have a choice to go home after the show or make a night of it with dinner!!!(I’d say I’ll home straight after I have no stamina for night’s out these days)  Daddies take note mothers day is fast approaching and it would the perfect gift!!! I for one am going, hopefully not alone 😉 It’s a big shame that I will unfortunately have to leave the nun’s outfit at home this time!!

Expat mammy.xx


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