Re-discovering Dubai

Sadly yesterday we had to say goodbye to the family O’Caoimh, LPV’s little wee cousin went home and today we missed her smiley face at breakfast time (and Mammy & Daddy too, obviously) It’s always lovely to have visitors but it’s especially lovely to have first time visitors!! Being away from family and friends at home is sometimes all you can think about and I think it can sometimes give you a negative image of Dubai, well it  does for me anyway!

Its was so great to have as we hadn’t seem them since Christmas time, it also gave us an opportunity to “show off” so to speak this actually fabulous place that we live in, I am not surprised that when we heard from them today, they told us they we’re shattered. It was such a busy week, we went everywhere, we visited the modest little water feature in the back garden, three Souk’s, gold, spice and textile in old Dubai,  the wee babies did an Abra ride on the creek, a tour around Dubai on the Big bus, aquarium, Ice skating, ski Dubai, to be honest I’m tired just typing it 😉 The only negative thing was out treatment in a certain upstairs restaurant in MOE , I only have one thing to say on that “they’re babies not aliens, if  they offend your Dubai elite clientele (she says in a sarcastic tone) put up a sign that say no children allowed!

I have to say pats on the back to us all though for surviving the mammoth sterilizing job every night, we were like a finely tuned machine, can’t wait to have you back!!

Expat Mammy.x



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