New addition to the family

It would appear that we have a new addition to family Vaughan, he’s green and goes by the name of Scout!!

A toy was recommended to me by my sister-in-law whilst she was here last week, Scout the dog is made by Leap frog he’s a talking dog that you can personalize  by plugging a USB lead into your PC or Mac. You can upload your child’s name, favourite colour, animal and food!! Our Scout loves Zebra’s, his favourite colour is green and he loves blueberries!! Using all this data he can sing songs about your child.  LPV absolutely adores him, although I bought him to put away for LPV’s birthday I got rather excited and just had to let LPV play with him now. At one point the dog  get Hiccups, LPV finds this hilarious and bashes him to show his delight, he also plays lullaby’s  and happy birthday (when you need it) The best part is that you can change the details as your wee one changes and grows. It’s probably way cheaper in the UK but I actually thought it was quite reasonably priced for Dubai too. There is a girlie version too named Violet!!!!!

The worst thing about is that I’ve been singing the song all day, even when LPV is not around!!!!

Expat Mammy.x

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