Feliz Cumpleaños, Nico!!

After saying bye-bye to Gma & Gdad last week, life in the household had been a little grey!! Just like the weather, this horrid grey sky, hazed humid weather along with stinking colds and coughs had placed a little cloud over the house of Vaughan!!

However a very happy occasion  brought the Mafia together today, not only did the traveling mafia return, welcome back Jo & Serafina!! but we experienced our first 1 year birthday!! The party was  held at Vanesa’s apartment function room (we all have function room envy)so wearing our Fancy clothes and clutching aeronautical themed presents  everyone arrived to celebrate wee Nico’s 1st  birthday. Nico (who had clearly had enough of birthdays already) was wondering what on earth was going on then decided to take a nap for a good chunk of his party:-)

Double trouble reunited today, Miss Bayley and Miss Serafina who had great fun dismantling sparkly bits from balloon weights, the toothless duo LPV and Maggie both looked fabulous in purple did the usual trick, Mammy sits you up, you topple over, roll onto your front and get stuck!! All mafia Bubba’s got to try out Nico’s new toys and all were a hit. Today we got to experience birthday’s spanish style, learned new traditions and got to sing (well hum) happy birthday in spanish!!

The cake that had caused much confusion over what in the hell was “Curd” was absolutely to die for as we’re spanish omelette’s made by our beloved Vanesa, however the best was spending time with dear friends of both mine and LPV, long may these times continue.

This thursday LPV’s wee cousin arrives and we can not wait to bring her along to our playdates hope she has as much fun as we do!!

Night Night

Expat mammy


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