Underwater Zoo

Today Family V & Gma & Gdad went to the underwater Zoo at the DXB mall. We took LPV months ago but he wasn’t old enough to appreciate it or focus on the animals for that matter but today he really enjoyed it!! So did the olds for that matter ūüėČ

The underwater Zoo is a fab place to visit here in Dubai and we are very lucky to be living across the road from it, our favourite was¬†definitely¬†the penguins and the Nemo fish, I personally could live without the jelly fish (I have post traumatic Jellyfish stress from a holiday in Tunisia). The best thing is it offers packages so you can make as cheap or expensive as you see fit, you get your photo taken before you enter and I personally wouldn’t buy it, 100dhs (around 20 quid) is a complete rip off!!! and there are plenty of photo opportunities inside. At times ¬†I miss being home in Brissle and being able to go to the Zoo so for me to be able to bring LPV here is fantastic! I will suggesting a future playdate here to the mafia for sure. The animals really kept LPV engrossed ¬†he was really into the sharks and was trying to grab at some of the fish in the tanks. Maybe its given him inspiration for his dunking in baby splash tomorrow, we could have a scuba Steve in the making

definitely worth another visit when LPV’s cousin comes to stay soon

A good day had by all

Expat Mammy.xx


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