Life’s little treasures

Last night (while I should have tackling the huge pile of ironing I have) I made LPV a treasure basket.  Treasure baskets are widely used in early years setting in the UK to promote a babies learning. As a complete sensory experience it is often used for children/babies with sensory impairment.  Being simple, fun and free!! the basket is made up of everyday items used by adults, which is great as don’t wee one’s always want what you have?? The best part is that all the items are made from natural materials of different size, weight, textures, colour taste and sound!! LPV was a very lucky boy at christmas as Santa brought him lots of amazing toys which he absolutely adores, however all these toys are plastic and have no smell or different textures etc So the treasure basket is a brilliant way for him to use all his senses by exploring and manipulating each item. Before I left my job teaching pre school I spent a brief but fun six weeks as a baby room manager and got sick of the same toys, it’s amazing how much fun babies can have putting wooden curtain rings into an empty formula tin!!

Before the weaning stage I was very über paranoid about bugs and germs and wouldn’t let LPV have anything  but his freshly sterilized toys to play with, don’t get me wrong I still sterilize everything within an inch of its life but I am more relaxed  about it now and will often give a spoon to play with whilst I’m cooking. It was a status on Facebook by my friend Nik that inspired me to make the basket. She had made her son one and although he is a wee bit older than LPV it sounded like he was having great fun, plus your never to young to learn.

Items for the basket come under 6 different headings

Natural objects

  • Pumice stone
  • A lemon
  • Natural loofah

Natural materials

  • Little basket
  • Wooden nail brush
  • Paint brush

Wooden objects

  • Curtain rings
  • Clothes pegs
  • Egg cup

Metal objects

  • Spoons
  • Bunch of keys
  • Bunch of bells

Leather, rubber, textiles

  • Leather purse
  • Bath plug and chain
  • Ribbon and lace


  • Greaseproof
  • Paper
  • Boxes
  • Tubes

I personally haven’t used keys as I was a bit worried about jagged edges, I guess the main things to remember is No plastics and only use stuff that you know is safe and don’t leave them to play alone.

Happy Playing

Expat Mammy.xx


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