The magical time that is weaning

So just when you’ve think you cracked motherhood, weaning comes along to bite you in the arse!! Don’t get me wrong LPV is a really good eater and eats most things that are put in front of him. This with the exception of Papaya and to be honest I don’t blame him, why would we encourage our babies to eat something smells like feet!! I don’t think I have ever met a baby who likes Papaya (sorry Rufus) 😉

Weaning has been the biggest hurdle for me, it would appear that if your baby sleeps then you have problems with weaning, if your baby eats well then you have problems with sleep. We are trying to move on to the next stages of weaning adding more foods etc I have thought about baby led weaning and although I think the method has it advantages, for someone like me who is completely highly strung about choking  it isn’t a good idea!! I gave LPV grapes the other day, I cut them into quarters peeled them and then practically sat in the highchair with him while he ate them. All the advice I get seems to contradicts its self, professionals tell me don’t give this yet, give this now etc and when you look in the weaning books you can give practically anything. I now get my advice from Kyle!! the weaning guru of the Mammy Mafia, to me she’s a fountain of knowledge and baby B Kyle’s wee girl loves her food and eats anything (again with exception of papaya) The fastest biccie eater in the middle east!!! Mwah!!

LPV mainly has all home cooked food but on occasion I do cheat and pull out the Ella’s kitchen, the puree process isn’t a fun thing for me but I do love the fact that LPV enjoys my food.  I can see why many Mammies choose not to puree, it’s quite time-consuming, cook/steam, puree, ice cubes tray, freezer, go back to freezer, put in bags!! Also trying to think up new exciting food!! Annabel Karmels’  book has been quite helpful some good recipes, some contradict guidelines by midwives but hey ho!! I am however still trying to figure whether I think she’s crazy, when did actually have time to make her own vegetable stock??  did she have a maid?? or just fat very well fed children that still weren’t rolling by the time they were 16, cos she spent all her time in the kitchen!! 😉

Still we plod on, looking forward to the time when they just eat the same as you and we’re chasing them around with the potty, Motherhood I would change a thing!! I f you have any advice, recipes or just stories about weaning, me and LPV would love to hear them

Take care

Expat mammy.xx


One thought on “The magical time that is weaning

  1. Sara says:

    LOVE Annabel Karmel just wait until you get to the chicken balls (one for Evie one for Mummy). However I realised I had gone baby mad when caught myself elbow deep in boiled chicken carcus removing bone fat jelly etc. Dan helpfully said you can buy Baby stockcubes I KNOW I AM NOT THICK I AM TRYING TO BE A GOOD MUMMY was my reply (along with a shin kick) xx

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