Half way through and still surviving

Hi all well we’re half way through our week without Daddy and although I am shattered it hasn’t been that bad! LPV is still talking to me at least!! My singing alarm clock is going off later & later  so for that I am grateful, it’s now 4:30 am as opposed to 2:30!! So cute but so too early!!

Today was Toptots which is development classes for babies I believe them to be a similar to baby sensory classes in the UK.  LPV loves going minus the painting part, for some reason he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty!! Today’s main activity was, fun with playdough, sticky cellotape ball and marble painting! However  for LPV who is in the younger babies’ class  this was a more visual activity but I do have to say “Mammie’s”  marble painting was brilliant!!! Over the weeks he has got come to enjoy the puppets and parachute (apart from today when he got a finger in the eye from another little girl 😦  still he survived to tel the tell!! I think my favourite part of the class is the baby swiss ball activities and I have notice that LPV has become a lot stronger since using them, the activities  are designed to develop their core muscles to help with rolling  and sitting. However all the activities in the world can not take away from the fact that your baby will do stuff when they are good and ready.When we first started I’d  Sometimes worry that LPV was the only one not sitting, rolling both ways etc but sometimes I think you can get wrapped up in worry so I’ve learnt not to actually look at what the other babies’ are doing and focus on all what LPV achieves on a daily basis, he’s now sitting mostly unsupported and everyday he make’s me laugh out loud, I have to say he’s brilliant!! Although the classes are a little more than I would have like to pay, that’s Dubai for you, they are worth every penny or should I fills. We enjoy them so much so I don’t think you can really put a price on something like that!!

Expat Mammy.x


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