Water Bubba

Today LPV and some of his buddies started Baby splash. Baby splash is a fantastic way of helping to develop all area’s of your baby’s development in a fun and relaxed environment.  LPV who’s usually a little unsure of the water had an absolute blast, he enjoyed chasing ducks, balls and singing songs in the water. I think at times he drank half the pool but this didn’t phase him a bit today.  For me it gave me idea’s and confidence as to what to do with him in the pool and ways of encouraging to move in the right way. Helen the teacher is fantastic  and I’m not saying because she is a good friend, her approach was fresh upbeat and happy (as she always is) and instructions were clear.

We’re lucky to have this type of activity available to us especially being outside, although a little chilly at times for mammies the babies were nice and warm in the water!! After our session we enjoyed some coffee and lunch with our buddies, with service a bit below par the poor manager unfortunately felt the rath of the mafia ;-). A lovely morning outdoors in the fresh air = one sleepy Bubba who went to bed with no arguments tonight and who knows is maybe having dream’s of swimming for Ireland in the olympics one day!! Can’t wait for next weeks session and hopefully we’re going to bring Daddy along!

Night all

Expat mammy.x


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