February birthday bash!!


Today LPV’s  calendar was bursting at the seams with Social events, two of his buddies were turning 1!!!! Donning his best shirt (which was later destroyed by chocolate cake) LPV packed up his nappy bag off he went to Jumeriah beach park for the first of two parties!!

Jumeirah beach park, what a fantastic location and somewhere I had never been before here in Dubai, cheap as chips at 5 dhs entry fee, you have the choice of the park with BBQ area’s, children’s playground and enough green for any lively child to run free and also the beach, which I  suppose you could say is semi private!http://www.dubaicity.com/Attractions/jumeira-beach-park.htm

Today was a days of first for LPV, first taste of lentils (yuck!!) Ella’s kitchen pouch did not go down well, think he prefers Mammie’s cooking and the first taste of cake!! I know which one I would prefer too!!

The 2nd party a stones throw away from our place in Burj khalifa was equally fantastic, LPV had a grand old-time eating baby friendly muffins and making a complete mess on somebody elses carpet (sorry guys), a fab day to spend as a family and our last for 7 days, please don’t go away daddy.xxxxxxx

Expat Mammy.x


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