The year gone by


This is a strange time of year, a time of joy and excitement, potential bankrupcy and at times  sadness. It’s definitely a time to reflect on one’s life, a year gone by full of highlights and some bumps in the road.

I have to say for me one of the highlights of this year was our family trip to Hong Kong. Being an expat I sometimes find that you end up using all your holiday time a money flying backward & forwards to home. Which, don’t get me wrong is lovely. However it’s never a proper holiday. So this year we were selfish and used the Easter break to take a family trip, just the 4 of us to Hong Kong! We took the plunge and booked totally landing on our feet by bagging two for one flights with Qatar airways. Only going for 6 days we split the trip into adults and kids, the first few days we took in the sights of Hong Kong and the last two days were all about the kids at Hong Kong Disney. We booked into the Marriott hotel  not the most child friendly but in a superb location. It had a pool which was freezing and was attached to mall so we didn’t have to go far to eat. As I said before it was in a great location, a short walk away from Hong Kong park, a beautiful oasis in the middle of this bustling city. Play area’s, waterfalls & streams filled with terrapins, restaurants and an aviary. All for free!img_2813

We were also with walking distance of the extremely steep tram that takes you up to Victoria Peak, if you can bear the ride up and people push to get on the tram first. You’ll be greeted with some of the most breathtaking views of Hong Kong city and Kowloon. We were extremely lucky with our weather as it was a warm spring day, no clouds in the sky and zero humidity.


We also took a ferry ride across to Kowloon and watched the city light show, it was fantastic but of course the children we’re far more excited about the ferry. We also went to the Hong Kong observation wheel. This for me was hell on earth but the kids loved it and I think it did a fab job of hiding my complete and utter fear. We then checked out and headed over to Disney. We got a good deal staying at Disney Hollywood hotel the pool was unfortunately out of use however we we’re so busy at Disneyland we didn’t even have time to explore the hotel fully. However we  loved it, there was a Disney movie playing in reception while we were checking in so the children weren’t running around like loonies.Every was Disney down to the wee soaps in the bathroom. We checked in  dumped our stuff and jumped the free bus to the park. We struck gold on our first day at the park, although we got there at lunch time we pretty much walked on to every ride.


The favourite was toys story land and future land where we met Buzz lightyear and found Star wars eggs! We also were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when meeting our other favourites. To see the children’s smiles was pure magic and I would do it all over again.










I have to say Hong kong was expensive, it was on parr with Dubai so although we had saved we went through our money pretty quickly. If you’re thinking of making the trip I’d get saving as you don’t want to scrimp in this amazing place.

To end our, much to our sons disgust we went to visit the “Big Buddha/Tian Tan” we climbed the 260 steps all the way to the top. the views were awesome even if it was very smoggy and humid. After being convinced by my family I braved the Nygong Ping 360 cable car, not an experience I would want to do again as I’m afraid of height but it’s the best and most beautiful way of getting back to Hong Kong Island.

So that was our amazing trip in a nutshell, start packing and get going, show your children the world is their oyster.

My life in books!

The problem with starting to blog again is that I have to write posts!! I’m not lunch box mum, who comes up with these amazing lunches and posts them on pinterest so there won’t be any of those. The honest truth is that my kids eat pretty much the same lunch every day as they’re fussy little darlings *said through gritted teeth* and I’d rather they eat full stop! I really don’t have a beauty regime to share, apart from trowel it on near your crows feet and you’ll be golden 😉

So I thought I’d write a book review but then thought, you’re all highly intelligent folks with amazon, google etc So you really don’t need me telling you what books to read. I typed in children’s books into google and some hilarious titles came up. So I’ve picked a few to share, I feel they represent key points in my life, so here goes…………..


My first little boob job! It’s no secret to all who know me that I had massive one’s, so to start my 40th year in a positive way I took the plunge and had them reduced. Its changed my life totally, I’m more confident, I’m not in pain, I no longer find popcorn in my bra and I can totally see my feet!! I do have a large amount of old bra’s left if anyone need a spare tent for camping!


I have one of THE most amazing hairdressers in Dubai, however when Kim does it it’s the only time it ever looks decent. I really don’t bother much when I go to work and by the end of the day there’s a strange cowlick thing happening. In the mornings I resemble Pat Sharp and Albert Einstein so Me and my hair really don’t really fit into the glam Dubai scene!


As I said I have reached my 40th year on this planet, we more than celebrated in style with a Great Gatsby themed party. It was an amazing night, we hired bartenders so both me and the hubster could enjoy ourselves. They made amazing cocktails, too many we danced on tables, we dressed up in our finest and ate cake!! Was one of the best nights I’ve ever had!


Well actually one really, Yes, I am expatmammy and I am gluten-free! I know I want to smack people in the face too when they say things like that. However it’s actually really stabilised my blood sugars, it also has made my wallet lighter, given the fact if you write gluten-free on anything they hike up the price! So now I own pretentious kitchen equipment like a spirilser!


This book sums me up in a nutshell, especially now I’m gluten-free, I get hangry beyond belief, to the point of possibly eating or even selling one of the kids for food! You can relate to that poor caterpillar no wonder he ate himself into oblivion.


It’s no secret I like a good brunch and wee glass of bubbles, a G&T a…………………………are you getting the picture? No I’m not that bad really, I just get led astray very easily, LOL!!!! As the saying goes behind every awesome mammy there is a large glass of wine!!

images-2Why is it that when your watching completely child inappropriate viewing such as Orange is the new black, your children appear as if my magic? They want water or the duvet has fallen off, any other the “little darlings” would sleep through the duvet being on the floor You scramble for the remote, worry what in the hell they’re  going to repeat in school the next day! I just stick to the Gilmore Girls now, can’t go wrong with that!!


So that’s it, if you had to choose book title what would you choose? Google and have a look!



Quality time

If I’m honest, I really struggle being a working Mammy. I’ve been back at work almost a year and I can’t seem to find my balance. I feel like most of the time I’m chasing my tail and charging around like a complete lunatic. Expat Daddy works long hard hours with conference call at ridiculous O’clock too. So weekends tend to be chilled out in this house. With the weather cooling in Dubai there’s less pressure to be “busy” every weekend. We are able to use the garden and the pool and it’s  a lot less expensive.

This weekend, Friday was a bit of a write off, we crashed at home and I think most of us stayed in our Pj’s until we went for a swim in the late afternoon sun. We built Lego, played games and Daddy and I took turns to snooze on the couch, while the kids watched Pokémon and Barbie life in the dream house! Bad parents? Maybe we are Maybe we’re not, but we needed it.

Saturday was a different story, Miss C had a birthday party at Splash n Party so we took LPV along too and that had a great morning, doing what they love the most and that’s playing in the water, oh and eating cake!

A previous conversation that morning had gone a little like this……………..EPD: Do you want to go to the golf? Me: Umm………NO, EPD: Ok I’ll take LPV!

So off they both went to the DP World tour LPV had great fun with his Daddy and got to work on his swing


While the boys were golfing Miss C and I went for a pamper, a while ago I had promised her I would get her nails painted. Although I draw the line at this one time and there will certainly be NO make up from Santa!! So your first mani/pedi should be done in style so we skipped on down to The Hello Kitty Spa in Town Centre Jumeirah. Now anyone who knows me, knows I hate this bloody cat as much as I hate Peppa Pig, however you’ve got to take one for the team as a Mammy. She was so excited and her little face lit up like a christmas tree when we arrived. She put on her special robe I had a matching one too and chose her colours.










The ladies in the Spa made such a fuss over her, she had her feet soaked and a “lovely masfarge” her words, not mine! Sat there like princess and ordered herself a chocolate Hello Kitty cupcake, although she did ask me if I wanted a coffee too. It’s hard to believe that my baby has grown up so much. She a proper wee lady now, with a total grown up attitude sometimes. The whole afternoon was just perfect and I will cherish it, as most of the time I feel stressed when I’m Sunday to Thursday Mammy. However, they both got to spend some time with the parents that we both strive to be all the time. Hope they both remember we’re not that bad really.